Medfield MOPS & MOMSnext is a group of moms from all walks of life who gather together to encourage and walk with one another on this journey of motherhood.  Raising little humans is beautiful and hard, so whether you are new to this Mom thing, have a few years under your belt or are well into your groove, we invite you this year to take a break from the chaos and join a community of moms where you can be encouraged, built up and strengthened as a mom.

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers and is an international organization that focuses on encouraging and equipping mothers.  MOPS groups typically focus on moms of kids aged 0-6.  MOMSnext is the name of their groups that focus moms of school-age children.


Alternating Saturdays
9:00-11:00 A.M.
First Baptist Fellowship Hall

Yes!  Children age 0-Grade 3 will be well cared for in our free MOPPETS program by our experienced childcare workers.

If you are a Mom of pre-school or school-aged kids, MOPS & MOMSnext is for you!  We are all put here together with the task of raising the next generation and we know it takes a village to do that well.

Our hope is that you leave each MOPS & MOMSnext meeting feeling refreshed and encouraged as a Mom.  To that end, each meeting will include practical teaching from speakers or videos and discussion of the topic with a  smaller group of moms in a similar life-stage as well as food, coffee and open conversation.  MOPS & MOMSnext will meet all together for the teaching portion and then split into our respective groups for the discussions.  During the gathering your children (age 0-Grade 3) will be well cared for in our MOPPETS program.

There is no cost to try out MOPS!  Come check us out, meet some fellow Moms and find out what we’re all about.  Once you decide to join us regularly, there is an annual registration fee with MOPS, Int’l of $31.95 that gives you access to all the great resources from MOPS. Scholarships are available upon request.  We do not want money to be the reason any Mom chooses not to come, so please speak with us if the cost is prohibitive.