Core Affirmation of Faith

  1. We believe in One Holy Loving Triune God who is the creator of all things; therefore we will worship, obey, and pray to Him.
  2. We believe Jesus, God in human flesh, died for our sins, rose, and reigns from heaven; therefore we will proclaim the Good News.
  3. We believe the Holy Spirit, sent by Christ, lives in us, convicts us of our sins, and empowers us to live for Him; therefore we will find and use our gifts, and trust the Spirit’s guidance.
  4. We believe the Bible is God’s inspired, true word, authoritatively calling us to be saved in Christ; therefore we will study, teach, and obey the scriptures.
  5. We believe the Church, founded by God, is one body united in Christ; therefore we will meet regularly to worship, lovingly serve one another, and make disciples.
  6. We believe Worship belongs to the One True God; therefore we will praise, honor, and glorify Him in regular assembly and everyday life.
  7. We believe We are created in the image of God and called to be stewards of His Creation. However our Sins separate us from God; therefore we will confess our sins and seek His mercy.
  8. We believe Salvation comes by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone; therefore we will walk with the Lord, live by faith, and encourage others to do the same.
  9. We believe Prayer is direct communication with God; therefore we will pray regularly, confidently, humbly, and with joyous persistence for His will to be done in all things.