Stories They Didn’t Tell You in Sunday School

Stories They Didn't Tell You in Sunday School

This summer, we’re going to have some fun on Sunday mornings. Our summer series is entitled, “Stories They Didn’t Tell You in Sunday School.”

The basic idea is simple. There are certain stories that we love to recount to our kids. These are stories we tell in Sunday school, picture in art, and work hard to explain to the next generation. These stories come to mind quickly. They are stories like David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion’s Den. Creation, the fall, Noah and The Ark, the call and life of Abraham, Joseph and the coat of many colors, The Exodus. On and on we can go to the firefight at Mount Carmel. That story typifies what you often get, foundations and triumphs. The story of the firefight at Carmel is sheer awesomeness. The people of Israel had turned to idolatry and the worship of Baal. And Elijah dares priest of Baal to get together to have a duel of gods. He says, in essence, “we’ll build our alters… pray, and the God that answers with fire, He’s the true God of Isreal”. And what happens? The priests of Baal dance around, cry out, and come up empty, and then Elijah builds an altar, and God sends a blast of fire and shows who’s truly God in an irrefutable way. It’s an awesome lesson on trusting God and the reality that He, and He alone, is God.

Those are the kind of stories that we know and retell often.

But then there are other kinds of stories, stories like the end of Judges where you have the people of Israel killing each other, or the story in 1 Corinthians about the man that’s sleeping with his father’s wife. There are stories like the one about the snakes getting sent into the camp of Israel in judgment for their sins, or the time that God calls a prophet and says “go serve me knowing that no one’s going to listen to you”. Stories like the time God told one of His prophets to run around naked for a season, or the One about the bears in the beginning of 2nd Kings. Those stories don’t quite make the cut, or if they are told (because they are prominent), they are told in a saccharine sweet manner that misses the main point of the text.

Over the summer we’re going to be looking at some of these stories. Not all, because there’s far too many for one summer, and we’re going to ask “what is God saying through His inspired word”? What is God saying not just through the parts of his word we’re familiar with, but with those we aren’t?” “What is he showing us about himself, and ourselves, about life, and about and his amazing gospel that offers redeeming grace to the worst of sinners? What is He saying not just through His word that we’re comfortable with, but through His word, that we’re uncomfortable with? What is He showing us about our sin, and brokenness, and need for grace?”

It should be a fun summer. I hope to see you as we explore the hard and beautiful landscape that doesn’t usually get looked at in Sunday school.



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